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Reference Standard
Architectural Monitor Loudspeakers

Every Preference model loudspeaker is
"timbre-matched" ensuring sonic
uniformity throughout the line.
This means all models have been carefully
engineered to have a family sound;
this is also referred to as "voice matching".

As special effects from movie soundtracks
move about the room, timbre-matching
ensures a consistent tonal balance
throughout the sound space. This creates
that convincingly realistic three-dimensional
spatial image, which completely absorbs
the viewers into the cinematic experience.

A home theater system may now consist
of various loudspeaker sizes and shapes
as dictated by room décor and layout,
all the while delivering a seamless,
transparent and coherent sound space
Company Profile
OEM Systems Company was formed in 1987 to develop In-Wall loudspeaker products and programs in the classic Original Equipment Manufacturing process.  Very early in the history of the In-Wall loudspeaker OEM Systems Company was one of the first to become involved.  At the outset OEM began designing products and programs for major brand name Companies.  This was during a period of time that the In-Wall loudspeaker category was devoid of products from legacy brand name loudspeaker manufacturers such as B&W, JBL, Bose, Snell, Tannoy, KEF, Klipsch, Polk, Jamo, etc.

At a time when there were only one or two Companies that Integrators and End Users could source In-Wall loudspeakers from, demand for the category out-stripped supply, many Integrators approached OEM Systems Company with need for product.

OEM Systems Company began selling In-Wall loudspeakers to Dealer/Integrators without a focus on “Branding”.  We simply sold our products as OEM as if it were our Brand Name.  It wasn’t long before Distributors and large Chain Stores came to us for product and we began using the brand name, Image Acoustics. We later developed the ArchiTech, Sound Terrain and Endeavor brands.

We were the first to develop 8” 3-Way In-Wall, Dual Voice Coil Single-Point-Stereo and In-Wall Subwoofer loudspeakers.

Between 1996 and 1997 the decision was made that OEM would launch a new line of In-Wall/In-Ceiling loudspeakers that would be the pinnacle of Performance at Value pricing.  In other words, it was not to be a cost-no-object project, but one that would result in popular priced products that would out-perform all others in the price range.

Preference was born.  The trademark Preference was registered.  Certain fine loudspeakers in the audio industry become benchmarks of sound quality or reference standards by which industry experts judge all others.

What is in a name…
Preference loudspeakers are the benchmark of performance and value.  The name Preference was chosen because it rhymes with the word Reference and echoes the ethos and history of the term in loudspeaker and high fidelity history; further it clearly communicates the message that our loudspeakers are the Preferred loudspeakers for performance and value in the In-Wall/In-Ceiling loudspeaker category.